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Colon Toddy
Item # 1260
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Colon Toddy
Item # 1260

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'When the Bowel is Dirty, the Blood is Dirty'- Dr. Bernard Jenson

Use Colon Toddy to encourage healthy bowel movements and gently detoxify your colon.* Once ingested, Colon Toddy passes through the stomach into the small and large intestines where it swells with water, helping to form a softer, larger, more consistent stool. This increased bulk acts like a nutritional "scrub brush" sweeping the sides of your colon and removing potentially harmful toxic debris that has been there for who knows how long.

Quality Counts! Unlike gritty store brands, we incorporate 12 tasty fibers,brans, vitamins, probiotics and gentle detoxifiers to nutritionally support the body’s normal digestion, detoxification and elimination.* Our special probiotic (acidophilus) contains a whopping 16 strains of acidophilus cultures and nearly 1 billion healthy intestinal flora per serving! It takes more than a not-so-sweet-tasting can of fiber from the local grocer or drugstore to get the job done!

Use Healthy Habits® Colon Toddy. See, feel and taste the difference! Colon Toddy is easy-to-use and quite tasty. Simply add 1 scoop to water, mix and drink. Its natural citrus flavor is delightful and does not contain artificial sweeteners or sugars!

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