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4. What Healthy Habits® does to ensure you receive maximum absorption and maximum benefits from our dietary supplements.



What good is taking vitamins, minerals and herbs if you are not digesting them?

Digestion of supplements is such a problem that there are stories about undigested tablets found in septic tanks and city sewer systems. Some claim that the ultra hard tablets still have the logo of the manufacturer visible! True or not, absorption is certainly an issue that must be addressed.

Don't waste your money on supplements that will pass through your colon and LEAVE YOUR BODY WITH YOUR NEXT BOWEL MOVEMENT.

Soft Matrix or CEMENT, You Decide!

Each batch of our tablets must pass a rigorous and time-consuming disintegration test to ensure maximum BREAKDOWN & ABSORPTION. Healthy Habits® uses a Soft Tablet Matrix without Di-Calcium Phosphate (DCP), a common tablet binder/capsule filler. We call it cement. We found a substitute for DCP; however, its cost is much higher. It requires additional labor and care in tablet preparation. Tablets with a soft matrix are more prone to breaking during production and a higher percentage of tablets have to be discarded or reworked. This cost factor would appear to be the principal reason why our competitors continue to use DCP Read your labels! Yes, it costs us more, but this is about you and your health, not profits at your expense! Do the smart thing! researcher Order your Maximum Wellness EZ-PAK today and feel the difference of fully absorbed supplements!


Label Loopholes, Trickery & Deception

Sometimes the amount of an ingredient listed on the label does not have anything to do with the actual active amount of it in the product. For instance, 1000 mg of calcium citrate contains only about 20% (200 mg) of elemental calcium. Company "A" may add only 1000 mg of calcium citrate and make a 1000 mg label claim. That's only 200 mg of elemental calcium. Healthy Habits® adds 5000 mg (5 times the competition's amount) in order to make the same 1000 mg label claim. The benefit of using the Healthy Habits® product is obvious. You get what you pay for! Pay less, get less! Read Your Labels!

5. How taking a high quality formulation can save you hundreds and the country billions, while improving your health.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
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