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Image"A while back I had gotten my hands into some "poison" and as a result my immune system went haywire and I developed psoriasis. I had tried many other products to help soothe the irritation, but nothing worked. Then, after using the DermaTox, I couldn't be happier! It not only helped relieve the itching and redness, but it seems to have gotten rid of it all together! I'll definitely be reordering DermaTox!" --- James, CA

Image"I give DermaTox away to people with shingles and they are so appreciative. It gives them relief when the doctor medications did not work. It is a great product and I always try to keep a bottle around the house." --- Mary, FL

Image Image“I sprayed the DermaTox spray on my husband’s scalp, and had started to notice a change in color of his hair. His hair, which is grey, started gradually changing toward his natural, darker hair color. It is now a steel grey, and we’re excited to see what results we’ll see with it over time!” --- Anna, IL

Image"Today I am reordering the 64 oz DermaTox. I purchased this the first time because it looked like it would work. DermaTox is easy to use, just spray it on and you are good to go. In finding the right products, people make up their own minds. This DermaTox works for me." --- William, MA

Image"I have neuropathy and my feet tingle and burn, and I am on my feet a lot. I spray DermaTox on my feet 3 times a day and the pain and discomfort in my feet has stopped. The DermaTox is also helping my diabetes symptoms and I have been sleeping through the night since I started using this wonderful product." --- Dorris, AR

Image"I put DermaTox on everything that happens and it clears it up fast. DermaTox has cleared up the rash under my breasts." --- Julia, IN

Image"I am an 86 year old great grandmother and have been using Healthy Habits products for several years. I use the DermaTox® Ointment and DermaTox® Spray on my face twice daily. Many people have made comments that I look twenty years younger. --- Jewell, OK

ImageImage"My husband has an ulcer on his foot. I have been spraying his foot with the DermaTox® and the DermaTox® Ointment to keep it moist and help stop the infection on his foot. The infection is now healed and there is new healthy tissue growing. These products really work. The ulcer is a diabetic ulcer and has caused my husband to loose a portion of his foot. The above photos show the progress thus far." --- Vicky, OR

Image"Your DermaTox® is great! I use it on myself, but I use it on my dogs as well! It works for rashes and hot spots that my dogs get." --- Janet, NC

Image"I had a calcium deposit on my foot so I started spraying my foot twice a day with the DermaTox® and within 2 - 3 months it had disappeared and now my foot is comfortable in my shoe again. I have also used DermaTox® on burns that I got from cooking and my husband was amazed at how fast the burn went away after spraying it on the burn. We keep it on the kitchen table now." --- Judith, NE

Image"DERMATOX OINTMENT literally saved my butt, to put it in decent terms. I was diagnosed years ago with a horribly painful disease called Lichen Sclerosis (which medical science admits is a misnomer, but nevertheless is very painful.) It's a wasting disease of the bottom-side and private area tissues. I was left with disappearing adipose in places where I needed it most, along with pain and horrible itching that led to external bleeding and weeping body fluids. It was a horrible nightmare. I had my husband put the DermaTox® Ointment on the affected areas at night before bed. I sprayed the DermaTox® spray throughout the day. Two doctors had verified that was the disease I had, the dermatologist told me after about 6 months of using DermaTox® it was helping clear it and to keep it up. Even a year later the DermaTox® has helped. My medical records document that fact. I have been disease free since 1997 from that horrid disease and I have DermaTox® Ointment and DermaTox® Spray to thank for the miracle. I thank God for Dr. Martin and his wonderful son Matthew for being obedient to God and keeping these miracles working products available for suffering people like me. I tell everyone I meet about HEALTHY HABITS products. Thank you again for being there in my hour of need and God bless you all!" --- Debra, OK

Image"I love DermaTox®! It helps with any pain I have. I just spray it on wherever I have a pain and I swear it soothes it. DermaTox® is great!" --- Josephine, MA

Image"I had a sore on my face and on my legs. Thanks your DermaTox® , the one I had on my face is no longer there and it has been there for a couple of years. Now I have my husband talking me into order a higher quantity when I call. DermaTox® works great." --- Luci, AZ

Image"After using DermaTox® , my skin looks great and I have no more skin tags. At age 67, I am ready for my glamour shot!" --- Robert, SD

Image"DermaTox is working terrific for my sores and burns, I do love the stuff. I get blood clots under my skin from the least little bump on my hands and arms. They go away fast with the DermaTox®. I am now using DermaTox® in my bath water and my thin skin is getting better and better." --- Michelina, TX

Image"I have spent thousands of dollars on my cat. Simply by using the DermaTox his skin conditions have healed up! I am ordering 12 more to share with my friends and family. I wish everyone could know how truly wonderful DermaTo®x is!" --- K.M, CA

Image"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You offer high quality products and great prices. A year and 1/2 ago I had a Hair Mineral Analysis. To my surprise I had a severe mineral deficiency. So severe that I was put on colloidal minerals and advised to take 1 oz 4 times a day. I also had a digestive problem and wasn’t fully absorbing the minerals. After receiving your catalog and reading about Ionic Minerals I knew why I wasn't absorbing them correctly. I ordered your Ionic Mineral Nectar. Within a few days I could not believe the change. Almost over night my energy skyrocketed, my skin, digestion, etc., is that of a 25 year old. Sleep is better, body function has improved and my outlook on life is a happy change. Remember, I'm 57 going on 25. It feels great to control my health by knowing the right products and supplements to include with a healthy organic menu. My whole life has changed because of honest people like you who help us to understand the truth about supplements and their quality. I also use your DermaTox® "pink stuff" after every shower. Head to toes, I see and feel this stuff work to correct my skin tone. My friends all ask me if I had plastic surgery. To eat right and use your products is a perfect combo. So, thanks, Healthy Habits, I'll be ordering more of your products in the future and look forward to becoming a Distributor.” --- Dennis, NY

Image"My friend has a 15 year old dog that has allergies and is always scratching. Nothing the vet prescribed helped so we sprayed the DermaTox® . The dog Instantly stopped scratching and went to sleep. We only have to use the DermaTox® every other day." --- Carol, MI

Image"My husband, who was in the Korean War, has brown and black spots in the lower part of his legs since then. He also played racquet ball, which did not help. After we got involved with Healthy Habits and ordered DermaTox®, which he has been spraying on those legs, they are finally getting lighter and are soon going to disappear. This after 50 years. Wow! Great Products." --- Suma, NV

Image"When I bathe in the DermaTox®, my skin comes out smooth and glowing." ---- Sally, CA

Image"Thank you for DermaTox®! Our 37-year old son was severely burned when he opened the lid of a gas grill that was already lit at his condo complex. Someone had placed a can of red spray paint in, on, or around the grill and it exploded. He suffered 3rd degree burns from fingertips to shoulders, 2nd degree on his face, waist and thighs. A friend told me about DermaTox® which we purchased and he began using on the 8th day. On the 14th day, he no longer needed any dressings as the burns were healed. There is absolutely no scarring anywhere! Other than ER treatments, he was home and had no infection. We are so grateful for this wonderful product and the near- miraculous healing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've had numerous skin tags disappear and a small cyst on my face peeled off in layers. It's amazing! Truly "The Pink Magic". --- Karen, AZ

Image"DERMATOX continues to amaze me. 3 days ago I stuck my finger with the point of a sharp knife. Not good, since I am an RN and a pianist and use my fingers to make my living. I immediately thought of DermaTox® since I had recently used it with amazing success on a burn. I opened the bleeding puncture point a little and sprayed DermaTox®. It started bleeding more. I sprayed it until the bleeding stopped (suddenly and very quickly) and applied a band-aid and left it for 24 hours. Today I can see where the knife entered, but there is no inflammation, pain, soreness or infection and no need for a band air. It was virtually healed by the time I removed the band-aid. I am going to suggest a theory as to why DermaTox® might work. After having read the "Body Electric" by Robert O Becker, M.D where he describes the currents that exist around the wounds and how those currents stimulate healing , I am thinking that the crystal structure in DermaTox® enhances the healing currents in wounds and stimulates faster healing. Just a possibility, I notice the faster healing because I am 66 and already in the slower healing age range but with DermaTox® it is like the healing of childhood." --- Haroldine, CA

Image"I sat in poison oak and ended up being allergic to it, that I had to go the hospital because I was going into toxic shock. I had blisters spread up my back, down my legs, on my arm and on my chest. The blisters turned into huge scabs within four days. I had ordered some DermaTox® everyday. The scabs were 1/4 inch thick. They were gone in six days from using DermaTox ®[b]! I would have scars all over my body if it wasn't for [b]DermaTox®! I love this stuff and I spray my whole body every time I take a shower and put lotion on. My skin is baby soft. I have been telling everybody I know about what happened with DermaTox® and since it sloughs off the dead skin cells, it helps who ever tries look years younger and a natural glow about them. I will use it forever! --- Judy, ID

Image"I just returned from Salem, OR. Every time I go there I suffer from poison oak, from the dog, clothes, shoes etc. This time I sprayed DermaTox® (NuDerma) on the poison oak that itched on my arm, hands and legs. Wow!! Right while I was looking at it, the poison oak rash and blister started disappearing. It was gone in just a few minutes. I ordered 2 big bottles so I have some for now. I won't be without it! Thank you for this wonderful product we will be using more of this wonderful product and the others soon."--- Shirley, NV

Image"Several months ago I had a bad fall on our asphalt driveway when my dog bolted upon seeing a stray animal. I was badly bruised and had a nasty scrape on the right side of my eye. I used the pink DermaTox® daily until the wound healed up nicely. I am thankful for this wonderful product." --- Ethel, AZ

Image"A friend of mine was diagnosed with Basal Cell Melanoma (which he insisted on calling "cancer"). For the longest time, the crème prescribed by his dermatologist did nothing for the nasty, puss-oozing sores on his shoulder and back. One day, I gave him the remainder of a bottle of DermaTox® that I had for him to try.
"After spraying on only once, he started to notice a difference. In just a day or two, the oozing stopped and scabbed over and the sores began to shrink where before they had been getting progressively bigger and uglier.
"At his appointment last week, he told his dermatologist what he was doing, and she agreed that he should keep doing it as the "cancer" was gone and the sores were healing nicely.
"Having seen his sores before and after, I am witness to the phenomenal recovery that he is making using the DermaTox® spray!" --- Mike, NY

Image"I noticed the gum in an area of my mouth was getting sore and swollen. It was beginning to hurt in the root area. I remembered reading a testimonial from someone who used DermaTox® as a mouthwash and it stopped their bleeding gums, so I decided to try it.
"I rinsed my mouth thoroughly with DermaTox® , concentrating on the area that was sore. About two hours later I put my tongue to that area and there was no swelling or soreness.
"Praise God and thank you for DermaTox® ." --- MaryLou, CA

Image"I had a cyst on my back that I had already had removed once and it came back. It stuck out about an inch and was very hard. I sprayed it with the DermaTox®. It took a couple of months but it made it disappear and so far has not returned. I find that DermaTox® is very good for making sore muscles stop aching." --- Shirley, TN

Image"I love the DermaTox® (NuDerma) and use it everywhere, even on my hair, but why don't you emphasize the DermaTox® Ointment? My wife had a terrible cut on her arm and the DermaTox ®Ointment healed it magically in days! " --- Joe, CO

Image"I used the DermaTox® Ointment and spray on some poison ivy and in less than a week it stopped itching and cleared up. I tell you I am sold on DermaTox®!" --- Margaret, KY

Image"I am a swimming instructor and in the pool a lot. I liberally spray your [b]DermaTox® [/b]all over my body to help remove most all of the chlorine from my skin. Also, the DermaTox® helps keep my skin from drying out & balancing the skin's proper pH." --- Karen, CA

Image"I am amazed that DermaTox instantly stops itching on bites. My dog had an awful drainage in the eyes. I have tried several different prescriptions for my dogs eyes and they did not work. I did not put the DermaTox in my dog's eyes. I patted the DermaTox around the eyes with a cloth and it cleared up the drainage that had been a chronic problem. I am very pleased with DermaTox." --- Anna, CO

Image"I use DermaTox for many situations. I use it on my feet, a sore on my head and other areas where I have pain. I love this product and never want to be without it." --- Theresa, TX

"DermaTox is getting rid of the fungus on my toes! I took a picture of my feet about a month ago before using the DermaTox. In one month there is a HUGE difference. The DermaTox is working beautifully. I am telling my family about DermaTox because I believe it will benefit them also." --- Annmarie, WA

I never thought my 80+ year old husband would have dark hair again, plus his skin being rejuvenated and mine as well. Thank you, Healthy Habits, for DermaTox!" --- Anna, IL

"I have introduced my sister to DermaTox after she had black and blue bruises on her jaw. It cleared the pain and lightened the bruise overnight." --- Gertrude, MI

"I love the DermaTox! I had skin cancer for about 4 years before I discovered this great product. By using the DermaTox, I have been skin cancer free for over 1-1/2 years now! Thank you for a great product." --- Jack, FL

"I use DermaTox on my grandchildren. They come to me and want me to spray them. "Use the pink stuff, granny," they say. They are future customers." --- Marlene, UT

"My daughter has a bad skin disease that blisters that is driving her crazy and there is no cure for. She has been going to dermatologists for 2 years with no relief. There is nothing on the market that will help her. DermaTox clears it up and makes her feel better. DermaTox makes her comfortable. Thank you for making this fine product." --- John, CA

"My sister got bit by fire ants on her feet she sprayed the DermaTox on her feet and they stopped itching instantly. The next day the bites were gone and I couldn't see where she had been bitten. Well, this DermaTox is a pretty handy item to have around the house, so today I am ordering the half gallon." --- Ronda, MO

"I have used DermaTox for many skin situations. It has given me relief from rashes, burns and even removed skin tags. It's worth it weight in gold. I want to order four more bottles for my use and also be able to give to others." --- Patricia, SC

"I've been giving DermaTox to my clients and they love it. I need to order more." --- Earlene, PA

"My neck was in pain. When I sprayed the DermaTox on my neck the pain in my muscles stopped. I definitely recommend this product. DermaTox also helps with healing. My grandson got a deep cut on his leg jumping over a fence and the DermaTox helped to heal the cut quickly. When you find something that works you really need to tell other people about it." --- Alta, TX

"I have had an intense itching in my ears for years and recently developed an itching condition in the palms of my hands. It seems like I have tried a mill ion different things to help me tolerate these conditions. I know that you do not recommend that we put DermaTox in your ears, but I do, and it stops the itching sensation in my ears. I use the DermaTox Ointment for itching in the palms of my hands and IT STOPS THE ITCHING. So far DermaTox has not cleared up these two conditions, but it does have them under control. Maybe eventually it will clear up these two very itching conditions that are driving me nuts." --- Tamar, FL

"DermaTox has cleared up all of my facial rash, and some skin deformities I've had for years, as well as rejuvenated my skin. Thank you so much HH!" --- Anna Sue, TN

"Been fighting leg inflammation for the past 5 years. Didn't think nothing would ever help until DermaTox, AMAZING STUFF!! Has almost taken it out. It's a miracle! " --- Marguerite, TX

"I love the DermaTox product! It is the only thing that has helped me with my arthritis and it actually enables me to sleep." --- Jerri, WA

"I always get complements on my skin. I have the skin of a 30 year old in my 60's. I use DermaTox daily." --- Darlene, WA

"I had recently cut my thumb with a slicer knife and it cut it about an inch deep. After I got the stitches out two weeks later, I purchased DermaTox spray from you guys and I was shocked! Just barely into using it I could already tell a difference in the scar and now my scar is almost completely gone! DermaTox works great! I love it!" --- Cecilia, DE

"I absolutely love the DermaTox product. I use it for pain all over my body. It really does work. I am going to continue to reorder this great product!" --- Wilma, TX

"I have been using the DermaTox product for years. It has helped with my shingles. I also use it for bug bites, cuts, and I also use it as a toner. I am very happy with DermaTox and I continue to reorder it!" --- Marina, HI

"My mother was in bed for 4 months before she passed away. We sprayed her often with the DermaTox and she never got bed sores. Today I am ordering some DermaTox for myself, this product is awesome." --- Rebecca, PA

"My family and I really love the DermaTox. I've been using DermaTox for years. I use DermaTox everyday. It keeps my skin hydrated and it also helps with sores that I get. My granddaughter even uses this product. It helps with her flaky rash. The quality of this product truly is remarkable!" --- Lana, AZ

"I am 92 years old, and I really like DermaTox. After surgery I put it on the incision and it really helped." --- Marion, MT

"I have been spraying and rubbing the DermaTox on my skin for about 5 days now. I can't believe that the pain is minimal to completely gone. Why was I suffering with the pain when the DermaTox can take that pain away! I love this product and will continue to order!" --- Ida, FL

"The DermaTox really is a miracle! A few weeks ago, I fell and scraped my hand and hurt my arm pretty badly. I got some cold compresses and sprayed the DermaTox on it and used that for a few days. My wounds were completely healed up in 3 days. I couldn't believe it! I will always order this great product!" --- Elizabeth, AR

"I broke my arm 4 weeks ago in a car accident. It left my shoulder severely bruised which later on turned black and blue in color on my skin. I started using the DermaTox and in just 2 weeks the colored bruises are almost gone. I love DermaTox! I will never be without it." --- Antoinette, OH

"The DermaTox certainly does work wonders! It has helped me in quite a few areas. Mostly, it has removed some of my warts that I have been having trouble with for years. I have been a customer for a little over 2 years and I will continue to order this great product!" --- Jacqueline, FL

"We use the DermaTox for everything! I use it on my husband who gets a lot of bed sores because he's in a wheelchair and the sores clear up within a few days. I also use it on my face and my black heads disappear. My whole family loves it and I re-order it all the time!" --- Mariaelva, TX

"I like using the DermaTox as it helps sooth my very itchy skin so much! I am re-ordering more today!" --- Bessie, CA

"We love the DermaTox! We use it for everything, like scrapes and bruises. My wife has some nerve damage from shingles and the DermaTox helps relieve the pain. I am re-ordering more today!" --- Jack, FL

"The DermaTox is really great stuff! It took away my skin cancer in 3 weeks. I couldn't believe it! I got my daughter ordering it as well as some other people. I really believe in this great product!" --- Martha, NC

"I really do enjoy the DermaTox product. I cut myself on my leg a while back and I sprayed the DermaTox on my cut and it healed fairly fast. I was amazed at how fast it healed the cut! I now want to try some of your other products so I can see how great they are as well!" --- Joan, FL

I am using the DermaTox due to swelling in my feet and I have noticed that it has helped reduce the pain a lot! I have only been using the DermaTox for three days but I already have noticed some great results. I am ordering more now!" --- Lila, CA

"I have been to three dermatologists that didn't have a clue nor could recommend any thing to help with the chronic fungus in my groin area that gets raw. I spray on the DermaTox twice daily and it keeps the fungus at bay and keeps it from getting raw." --- Brad, OR

"The DermaTox works great for me. I really like it. I use the DermaTox for everything wrong with my skin." --- Edward, MN

"DermaTox works great on burns! I originally purchased it when I saw the description of the product and the pictures of people who had been burned and how their skin looked after. I am very impressed because this product does what it says it does. Some of my burns have gone away after just 2 days of using the DermaTox product!" --- Janet, CT

"My daughter's leg was chemically burned from the inside due to an incident with the doctor. We started applying the DermaTox 4 oz spray to the affected area and in one day I could see an improvement. It is clearing up and pealing off as well. This product is fantastic!" --- Edna, OH

"I purchased the DermaTox 4 oz spray after my doctors medication didn't do anything. I've been using it for three months and let me tell you, this product is amazing! It has helped with my psoriasis. That 4 oz spray bottle definitely goes a long way! I will purchase DermaTox for as long as it is available." --- Milton, TX

"My son burnt his arm on a radiator from is wrist to his elbow. His skin was fried, 3rd to 4th degree burns. My sister gave him some DermaTox, and he started spaying the burn that night with it. When I saw him at the end of the week it was totally healed. I have never seen such results! Unbelievable! Totally healed." --- Miriam, CA

"My skin feels younger and looks more radiant when I use DermaTox." --- Barbara, TX

"DermaTox sure does help with with many skin situations. I love it and have shared it several of my friends and relatives. My son uses it his dog for a skin condition. I want to order more." --- Dawn, OH

"DermaTox is WONDERFUL! It has removed warts, age spots and a number of things for me. I use DermaTox exclusively for refreshing my face every morning. I am reordering more today because I gave my last 64 oz refill as a gift." --- Helene, OR

"The DermaTox product really does work wonders! I am highly impressed with this great product. I had melanoma on my left arm and the DermaTox has completely cleared it up. I will continue using this great product!" --- Floyd, NC

"I use the DermaTox on just about everything and I absolutely love it. I use it on bites and fungus. I use it just 2 times per day and I feel it works very well. I've been ordering this product for a long time." --- Gail, SC

"The DermaTox has helped clear up several moles. I gave some to my daughter to try on a skin tag she had under her eye and it went away. I really like this product!" --- Kay, FL

"I was involved in a car accident and broke my leg in 16 places. After returning home from 11 months in recovery, I got a bad infection on my leg. A friend gave me the DermaTox and it worked when everything else didn't! I've also used it on rashes with great results. I'm ordering more of this product for myself now!" --- John, WA

"I have been using DermaTox (the "pink stuff") for some time now and I find it very soothing. I've had shingles and I find the DermaTox really does help with the pain." ---Lula, AR

"The DermaTox certainly does work wonders! It has helped me in quite a few areas. Mostly, it has removed some of my warts that I have been having trouble with for years. I have been a customer for a little over 2 years and I will continue to order this great product!" --- Jacqueline, FL

"I have been using DermaTox for years! I use it on absolutely everything. I even got my children hooked on it. It handles all of my skin issues. I am very pleased with this product." --- Elaine, MN

"I have really enjoyed using the DermaTox. It has cleared up my husbands skin so much." --- Barbara, NV

"I burned my finger really bad on an iron and I immediately started to spray the DermaTox on it. It was the only thing that kept it from hurting. The next day, I noticed that there was no blister or any kind of mark where I had burned myself. The DermaTox is great stuff!" --- Deborah, FL

"I am 79 years old and I've been using the DermaTox for a while. It has gotten rid of my skin tags and cleared up my psoriasis. It have had good success with DermaTox." --- Georgia, PA

"I ordered DermaTox a few months ago and have been using it and my skin is looking great! I had a small rash and some skin tags and it made my skin tags and rash go away in no time!" --- Buck, CA

"I think the DermaTox product is terrific! It has helped reduce itching on my scalp as well as other various skin outbreaks. I believe it cures most of my problems and that is why I'm reordering today!" --- Robert, NJ

"My husband absolutely loves the DermaTox Spray. His skin looks absolutely beautiful. Most people say that we look as though we are in our 60s. He uses the DermaTox Spray instead of shaving lotion. I am very happy with DermaTox." --- Lillian, TN

"I give DermaTox away to people with shingles. It gives them relief when the doctors medications did not work. It is a great product and I want to order a half gallon refill." --- Mary, FL

"I love the DermaTox. It's truly a lifesaver. My face has never looked better. It's helped some spots on my face. It works great!" --- Zinalou, CA

"I like DermaTox. I use it on my face twice daily. I am reordering this because it makes my skin look and feel good." --- Evelyn, MI

"I just bought DermaTox for chuckles and it was only 20 bucks. I had open heart surgery and was spraying in on the scar and two weeks later the scar is almost gone! My chest has several flat moles and the DermaTox has made them almost gone. I have a brace on my hand because there is a bone protruding under the skin about an inch because of osteoarthritis and the brace keeps the wrist from hurting. I was spraying the wrist with DermaTox and rubbing it in and noticed that after 5 days that I hadn't needed to wear the brace! I have only been using DermaTox for 3 or 4 weeks and my scar is going away, my moles are going away and my wrist doesn't hurt anymore. DermaTox is amazing!" --- Oleta, MI

"Elizabeth gave us a small amount of DermaTox to try. After putting on a burn on my hand, it was amazing how fast the skin healed and the discoloration changed. I am a believer in DermaTox." --- Judy, GA

"I've been using the DermaTox for only a short time. Since using it I have noticed that my hair is more manageable. It also looks more natural and is not frizzy anymore. I am recommending it to others to try." --- Betty, FL

"When I first ordered the DermaTox, I was unsure as to how it would work for me. My cat was having some problems with losing hair on her paws, but after spraying the DermaTox on it every day, her hair grew back! Now I use it on everything from my cat to my dog to myself! Needless to say, I have and will continue to reorder this product!" --- Rosalie, FL

"I've been using the DermaTox on my 8 year old cat. His skin has cleared up and it is not as flakey. He is doing better in general since using the DermaTox. I really like it." --- Ina, TX

"I have psoriasis so I use the DermaTox because it relieves the itchiness and has helped clear it up. I am ordering more today!" --- Audrey, HI

"Most products I get never work, but with DermaTox, using only 1 bottle, my keratosis cleared by 80%. I love it!" --- Joan, WI

"I have been using the DermaTox for years and it is a great product. I use it for my dry skin condition and it clears it right up! I also put it on my scalp as a substitute for hair lotion. DermaTox works." --- Fred, CO

"I use DermaTox for many situations. I use it on my feet, a sore on my head and other areas where I have pain. I love this product and never want to be without it." --- Theresa, TX

"My husband was diagnosed with severe cellulitis which the doctors thought was incurable. They were going to have to amputate his leg if it got any worse. We started using the DermaTox in his bath water and the cellulitis cleared up. This product is amazing!" --- Erna, MN

"I had really bad shingles for about three years, which was very apparent on my skin. I decided to try the DermaTox spray on my skin and noticed amazing results. Now you'd never be able to tell I ever had a problem with shingles! Not only did the spray help with my skin, but my cat's skin as well. I spray it on any cuts or scrapes she may have, and they heal extremely fast! I've been ordering many containers of the 64 oz DermaTox, and have no doubt that I will continue to do so!" --- Pat, WA

"I sprayed the DermaTox Spray on my husband's scalp, and had started to notice a change in the color of his hair. His hair, which is grey, started gradually changing toward his natural, darker hair color. It is now a steel grey, and we're excited to see what results we'll see with it over time! " --- Anna, IL

"I like DermaTox. I give it to my friends with psoriasis and rashes." --- Johanna, FL

"I share DermaTox with a lot of people. My daughter thinks it's wonderful, She put it on her dog's amputated leg wound and it helped greatly with the healing." --- Anny, IL

"I use DermaTox all over after my bath. It feels good and soothing." --- Nada, TX

"My grandaughter has warts that she gets burned off every few months. We recently used DermaTox and she called me to let me know it took them away. DermaTox is a great product." --- Louise, OK

"I had a pain on my left thumb. I sprayed it with DermaTox and within three days the pain was gone. I love this stuff!" --- Betty, VA

"I have been using DermaTox for two days and I already feel comfort and healing in an old chemical burn. So far so GOOD! It is very economical to use." --- Lyola

"I love the DermaTox. I recently went on a mission trip to a foreign country and a lot of the people that went had mosquito bites and also bites from fire ants. We sprayed some of the DermaTox on the bites, and it helped soothe the bites and the pain right away. I never go anywhere without DermaTox!" --- Mari, CA

"I've been using the DermaTox for over 6 months now. My hair is growing back and becoming thicker. My gums get sore, so I rub some on them and it has improved them so much! I even used a couple drops in my ear for an ear ache before and it went away. I think this product is amazing and I'm so excited about the results I've gotten. I would absolutely recommend it to anybody!" --- Aurelia, TX

"I had a large mole on my left temple. After applying DermaTox for awhile, it has almost disappeared along with some skin tags that I had. DermaTox is a great product and I want to order more." --- Keith, OH

"A little while ago, I burned myself. I immediately sprayed the DermaTox on my burn and the product cooled the burn right away. The next day I used the ointment on the very same burn. I used it for less then a week and it looked like an old burn. I am going to be ordering more for my entire family because DermaTox works! " --- Dorothy, NJ

"I couldn't believe the DermaTox product. I used some on a sore on my dog and the sore disappeared. It has also helped with removing a few other things that my dog has had problems with. It also helped with sores on my body. I love DermaTox!" --- Susan, OH

"I love the DermaTox! It works great on babies when they eat and their skin gets irritated from the enzymes in their food. It quickly clears up the skin." --- Deborah, NV

"I put DermaTox on everything! I originally used it for a burn that I received from my stove. It was so bad I didn't think anything would help. I used DermaTox a few times daily and the burn not only went away, but the DermaTox prevented scarring. I now put it on any skin problem I'm having. It really does work for any skin issue!" --- Ruby, SC

"I use the DermaTox all the time. I spray it on when my skin gets itchy and it helps the itchiness go away and its very soothing." --- Joseph, TN

"I have been ordering the 4 oz DermaTox spray and also the 64 oz refill and have seen great results from it! My skin has never been better." --- Dewight, GA

"My daughter-in-law wrote to me about their experience with DermaTox. I' had sent some to her and she became sold on it. Her work mates were introduced to it and they couldn't get over how good it was as they experienced with it when one of them had a paper cut and applied DermaTox to it. She was sold on it so she also put in an order for herself. We have it in a spray bottle which is kept in the kitchen ready for use. Thanks for introducing it to us." --- Anonymous by web site.

"I am fair skinned and have to be careful with my skin. Since I have been using DermaTox, the rash on my legs heal fast and my face is smoother." --- Helen, LA

"This is the 3rd time that I have ordered the DermaTox. It works excellently. I have a bad skin problem and it is helping." --- Ruth, TN

"DermaTox has given me relief from itchiness, mosquito bites and chiggers. DermaTox has also helped stop the breaking out from poison ivy. DermaTox is really a great product and I would highly recommend it to others! " --- Betty, TN

"My husband had a spot on his back for over a year. He started using DermaTox and it finally went away. This DermaTox is really amazing stuff! --- Annetta, TX

"I had a stab in my hand and couldn't find anything that would get rid of the mark it left. I decided to try your DermaTox Spray and I was amazed! It took care of the mark very nicely. DermaTox is a great product." --- Bill, AR

"I had basal cell cancer and had them surgically removed. I had over one hundred stitches in the last three years. The basal cells start out as a little red mark, left unattended they require surgery. Using DermaTox as soon as I see them, the basal cells disappear in a few weeks. DermaTox has saved me from needing a lot of surgery. DermaTox is a great product! " --- Neal, WA

"I had surgery a couple of weeks ago on my toe which left my feet swollen and I could barely move my toes. I sprayed the DermaTox on my feet and in a couple of hours the swelling went down half in size and I could move my toes like I never had surgery. This stuff really works!" --- Raymond, TX

"I have been rinsing my mouth with DermaTox. It has been healing my gums. I had a bad experience at the dentist recently and I have been using DermaTox for my gums and it has been helping a lot." --- Eileen, NJ

"I have used DermaTox for over 15 years! I am presently putting it on my pressure sore. It is finishing the healing just fine. Look at my orders over the years. You will see how much DermaTox that I have purchased. I have also managed to sell some. My care-givers also like DermaTox." --- Terry, TN

"Two of my cats got into a fight and I put my hand in between them. I was in so much pain and the scratches and bite marks were terrible. My husband told me I needed to go to the doctor but I used the DermaTox spray instead. WOW did that stuff do wonders for me! Not only did it help with the pain right away but it healed up so nice and fast!" --- Sharon, IL

Thank you for DermaTox®! I have used it for years, spraying many parts of my body for pain, as does my husband. I have also given the small bottles filled with it to friends and relatives who have complained of different pains and all have let me know it was successful for them as well. I don't know what possessed me (other than God) to use your product for pain, but that is what we used it for, for the past several years and it is truly a wonderful product. I was so happy to read all of the comments from people in the recent bulletin that you sent...because it has been a wonderful pain-relief product, I never had the heart to tell those to whom I gave the small bottles that it was sold primarily as a "skin healing product". --- JoAnn, CO

"We have an American Indian dog, he is a desert dog. He is allergic to something and his paws get itchy. We have tried everything for him and the only thing that seems to help him and give him relief from itching his paws is your DermaTox® . We are very happy with this product." --- Liz, OR

"My daughter uses DermaTox® on her son's skin rash and the redness and dryness go away in a few minutes. DermaTox® is much more effective than the steroids prescribed by the doctors. We love this product!" --- Jane, OH

"I have used DermaTox® on a cyst that I have had on my wrist for some time now. The cyst has flattened since I have been using DermaTox® on it. It has been wonderful for me. I have even been able to get my husband to use it for the pains that he has in his back. Really great product, I love it!" --- Bonnie, OR

"I'm a red head and I've never had a tan since VietNam. I used the DermaTox® about 10 days before I went out on a boat and I didn't get the flash burning from the sun. The other people I was with got sun burned and I let them use my DermaTox® that I brought and it helped sooth the burn and pain from their sun burns. They really liked it as well and they started to tan instead of burn the next day. I would recommend DermaTox® it to everyone." --- Robin, KY

"My dog was diagnosed as having cancer of the mouth. I have been spraying her mouth several times a day for two weeks with DermaTox® and her cancer is drying up. DermaTox® is is amazing! " --- Joanna, AZ

"I have this terrible rash on body and I've used so many different prescription rash relief creams with absolutely no luck! I started using DermaTox as a last resort and it cleared it right up! I currently have another rash on my face and I started spraying DermaTox on it two days ago and it is almost gone! My family and I absolutely love this product!" --- Iris, CA

"I love your DermaTox. I had some burn scars on my arms and in just a week they have lightened and are almost gone. I gave some to a friend who has a rash on her leg and it has helped greatly. I'm a DermaTox believer!" --- Ruth, NE

"I spray DermaTox on my face before I apply my makeup, and my face stays moisturized all day. I love this product." --- Elizabeth, CA

"3 years ago I had to have 10 minutes (not the usual 3-5) 25 consecutive radiation treatments for anal cancer and it burned the entire crotch area like a bad sunburn. Thank goodness for DermaTox®. I used spray and ointment. Never did peel and the skin is soft and normal color again. I also used in on the abdominal scar to keep the skin soft and supple. I use the ointment on everything. I live next to the ocean and my very fair skin damages easily. But after a trip to the beach or hours of gardening: I spray the DermaTox® on me and my skin doesn't react to the sun so violently. And it works great on those pesky bees that nail the grandson every so often. I have tried your shampoo and conditioner, hand lotion, face cream, skin cleanser, liquid hand soap, GH3, vitamins, xylitol, herbal salt (yum) and foot detox pads, and more. Check my order history. I love your products. You don't lie. The quality is all you promise it to be. I have been on Cell-Rejuv for 3 weeks now. My God. It works. My husband even takes it.... along with my son, his wife, and 2 of our friends - I gave it away because it worked so well. Now, I have to buy more for myself. Thanks for being so honest." --- Ellen

"DermaTox® is wonderful! I had eczema just explode throughout my body and DermaTox® just saved my life!!! I'm very blessed to have found a product to be so soothing." --- Jackie, CA

"I have a blood disorder, a side affect of this is extreme itching. Its always the worst after taking a shower. I have been using your DermaTox® for my Polysemia Vera for a while now and it's the only thing that i have found that will sooth the itching for me. It is wonderful" --- Sharon, WI

"A couple of times my cat has accidentally scratched me, the vet told met to put antibiotics on it, but I used the DermaTox® instead and it worked great. Also, my sister punctured her thumb with a knife, and I told her to use the "pink stuff I gave you," she said it stopped hurting right away." --- Carol, VA

"I was in massive pain in my right leg. It was a suspected pinched nerve. Nothing was helping the pain. DermaTox® stopped all the pain I was in. Thank you! --- Donald CA

"DermaTox® is fantastic. I use it on all types of skin issues. I want to order another half gallon." --- Gloria, PA

"I cut my finger and I soaked it in the DermaTox® and its doing real good. It helps me with a lot of things, really it does. Great product! I love it!" --- Wilhelmina, AL

"I have a cousin that had a rash. He didn't believe me that DermaTox® would work. He used it and two days later his rash was almost gone. Needless to say he is a believer now and buys it all the time." --- Richard, HI

"My husband uses DermaTox® on his hair. His hair was white and is now salt and pepper. He uses it daily on his skin tags also. He sprays them every other day and they just crust up and fall off! --- Anna, IL

"I had a burn on my leg and also some scrapes and cuts. I used DermaTox® Spray and I immediately saw results. My wounds healed very quickly. I love this product and I think that it makes miracles. If you have a burn, cut, rash, or a scrape you should use DermaTox®. I wouldn't trade DermaTox® for any thing else, I am very satisfied!" --- Connie, TX

My family uses several products all the time. We have helped so many people with skin problems and burns and other skin problems by sharing your DermaTox® spray. --- Yvonne

"The DermaTox® (the pink stuff) is great! I love it and I have turned on almost everyone I know to it and they all love it too. My daughter loves it and my sister loves it too, even my mom loves DermaTox®. It works amazingly well." --- Karen, CA

"I have used DermaTox® for several years. It is a "miracle" product! My introduction to it was by my boyfriend on Christmas Day 2005. I was chopping potatoes with a very sharp cleaver, the knife slipped, and cut my left index finger deeply. Being a nurse I could see it needed to be sutured, but did not want to go to the hospital and leave Christmas dinner. I got some steri-strips, gauze, tape, and asked my partner to strip it for me. The problem was that it wouldn't stop bleeding long enough to get a steri-strip on it. He talked me into trying DermaTox® spray. We sprayed several times. The bleeding slowed enough to strip it and I sprayed it several times daily for several days. It healed rapidly without much of a scar. I have been a "DermaTox ®believer" ever since. It heals cuts, rashes, takes the sting out of burns, stops bleeding and doesn't sting. I keep a spray bottle in my locker at work and have used it for sunburn, abscesses, hot water burns on myself and co-workers. I will be opening a community acupuncture clinic soon, and will stock it in my office. I can't say enough about this first aid miracle!" --- Robin Davidson

“My family uses several products all the time. We have helped so many people with skin problems and have helped many people with burns and other skin problems by sharing your DermaTox®." --- Anonymous

"I ordered your DermaTox® and wish to tell you how very happy I am to have done so. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 15. It traveled all over my body not staying in one place until it settled in my right ankle. I had been prone to twisting that ankle even when young. When it aches now I just spray on DermaTox® and I don't hurt anymore. I spray it on cuts, bug bites and so forth. It truly works. I am glad I ordered your DermaTox®. I would like to become a Distributor for you." --- Lillie, MO

"DermaTox® has saved me twice. I had spilled a pot of hot chili on my arm and my husband immediately used the DermaTox® on my arm. I never got a burn from the chili; it is great stuff. I currently have a burn on my foot from my croques. DermaTox® Ointment is the only thing I can use that relieves the pain. I love this product." --- Linda, PA

"I use the DermaTox® on my scalp and my head no longer itches. I really love DermaTox® !" --- Florence, FL

"I have a friend who had a bicycle accident 2 weeks ago. I gave him two 4 oz bottles of DermaTox® and the wounds are 85% healed today. He ordered a half-gallon. Great stuff!!" --- D.R., NC

"I like to use DermaTox® after I shower because it makes my skin so nice and soft." --- Katherine, AZ

"Your DermaTox® is great! I use it on myself, but I use it on my dogs as well! It works for the rashes that my dogs get!" --- Janet, NC

"I have been using DermaTox® for 6 months now and I do a lot more than just spray it on. While reading the ingredients one day, I noticed that there are not any organic ingredients so I drank it and each day I drink 3 tsps and in just 6 months my teeth feel stronger. I feel thinner and more toned. I also put a drop each night in my eyes and I can see better. It's not the best flavor but my body really likes it and it makes me feel better everyday. Thank you!" --- Mary, NY

"I will be 91 years old in a month and just had to tell you this while I am still here. I had rosacea on my face for 8 or 9 years and have faithfully treated it with a gel prescribed by my doctor at $60 a tube. Some time ago I received my order of DermaTox® and I tried it on my face; although rosacea is said to be incurable the result was so much better than the gel that I have now been using DermaTox® instead. The redness is much less now and if it disappears I will let you know. Thank you." --- Harold, CA

"DermaTox® has greatly reduced the size of my skin tags. It is amazing stuff. I will never be without it!" --- Bob, CA

"I ordered your DermaTox® and wish to tell you how very happy I am to have done so. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 15. It traveled all over my body not staying in one place until it settled in my right ankle. I had been prone to twisting that ankle even when young. When it aches now I just spray on DermaTox® and I don't hurt anymore. I spray it on cuts, bug bites and so forth. It truly works. I am glad I ordered your DermaTox®. I would like to become a Distributor for you." --- Lillie, MO

"I have a friend who had a bicycle accident 2 weeks ago, I gave him two 4oz bottles of DermaTox® and the wounds are 85% healed today. He ordered a half-gallon. Great Stuff!" --- D.R, NC

"I have been using DermaTox® for 6 months now and I do a lot more than just spray it on. While reading the ingredients one day, I noticed that there are not any organic ingredients so I drank it and each day I drink 3 tsps and in just 6 months my teeth feel stronger. I feel thinner and more toned. I also put a drop each night in my eyes and I can see better. It's not the best flavor but my body really likes it and it makes me feel better everyday. Thank you!" --- Mary, NY

"I like to use DermaTox® after I shower because it makes my skin so nice and soft." --- Katherine, AZ

"DermaTox® has saved me twice. I had spilled a pot of hot chili on my arm and my husband immediately used the DermaTox® on my arm. I never got a burn from the chili; it is great stuff. I currently have a burn on my foot from my croques. DermaTox® Ointment is the only thing I can use that relieves the pain. I love this product." --- Linda, PA

"I was intrigued by DermaTox® when originally exposed to the literature many moons ago, Girl, was I totally impressed with its ability to rejuvenate my skin and hair. I am highly recommending that everyone interested in natural healing have this product line in their homes and their loved ones should too! But even those who are not natural health aficionados do the same because there is nothing else like it. Eventually, I have learned to use this product in so many beneficial ways. For example, it is the finest conditioner (post hair wash) and you can apply it anytime. And, I would recommend using the DermaTox® shampoo and conditioner before using the DermaTox® liquid - the results are unobtainable elsewhere - that is - with other products. Excellent work Healthy Habits!" --- Stanley, MA

"Everyday I use DermaTox® wherever there is skin or hair. I keep a small spray bottle in the bathroom at night. When I'm up during the night and when I get up in the morning, I spray DermaTox® on my face - how soothing and refreshing! I think it helps keep wrinkles away. Before brushing my hair, I spray DermaTox® all over my hair and face. Much less hair loss since using DermaTox. I shave with a wet/dry electric shaver and just spray DermaTox® on my face before shaving. Eliminates "razor burn" and skin problems." --- James, KY

"Our family uses the DermaTox® product daily. It works better than any other product I've tried to heal minor wounds. But this week I've used it on the family pet. He somehow received a flesh wound on his leg and since it was not bleeding I tried the DermaTox® twice a day. After just 2 days I knew it was working and continued for another week. It's just about gone. I saved myself an expensive vet bill. Thank you.

"I use DermaTox® for razor bumps when shaving my legs. It works well. I also use it for facial blemishes and cuts. I keep it on hand since you never know when an "owie" might happen. I give it 5 stars." --- B.Wells

"Just wanted to say my friend has been using Dermatox® for a long time and swears by it. I was skeptical until I recently got shingles. I was miserable! She suggested I spray Dermatox® on the lesions. I did and within an hour I no longer had any itching sensation and the lesion healed incredibly fast. I have only a faint reminder of the shingles and no discomfort after just two weeks. Love Dermatox®! Thank you!"--- Sandy

"I love the DermaTox products. I have had some reoccurring skin cancer problems and ever since I started using the liquid DermaTox, I haven't had any problems. I even got my sister hooked on using the product. I am reordering today for myself and my sister." --- Alice, VA

"I have had spots on my hands for years now which are very irritating and damage my skin. The past 6 months it has gotten so bad that I finally turned to DermaTox. I can honestly say that this product is amazing! It has removed the spots and helped my skin tremendously." --- Barbara, CA

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